Margaret Ziedin

Commercial Real Estate, Owner at 6ixthDegree, Certified High Performance Coach

Tracy Martino

Best Selling Author, CEO, and Executive Consultant focusing on Neuroleadership, Holistic Health

Gustavo Sanchez

Partner in SECTOR, Human Resources, Staffing, Workforce Preparedness and Mentorship

Doreena Durbin

Partner in SECTOR, Medical Student Consultant, Meditation, Mindfulness and Employment Readiness

Astania Caputo

CEO of Manners In Momentum, Business Etiquette, Executive Leadership, Cultural Communication

Clarence Jorif

Owner at The Compound of Royse City, Security, Safety, Tactical Training, Self-Defense

Danielle Basson

Owner at DBA Consulting, Waste Management, Facilities Management, Sustainability

Michael Higgins

Partner in SECTOR, Compliance, Safety, Trade Skills, Curriculum and Media Development

Tamara Higgins

Partner in SECTOR, Construction, Business Management, Manufacturing, Operations

Lucas Flores

Owner at Lukas Construction Services, Concrete
Trucking, Restaurant Development, Safety

The Mascot

AKA Bastian

Bastian is a three-legged old rescue dog, who enjoys participating in fundraisers for the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital,Fishing and educating others on how to be a resilient fighter