Astania Caputo

CEO of Manners in Momentum

Nearly 20 years of International Protocol and Business Etiquette training for adults, 5 years offering modern, fun, and relevant etiquette training for children, teens and young adults. One-on-one coaching, one day seminars, 4 - 8 week programs, and specialty programs are designed to teach children through adults the proper way to participate in and contribute to their communities.

Manners in Momentum offers: 
- Etiquette for Children, Pre-Teens, Teens & Adults
- Communications & Public Speaking Skills
- Business Etiquette & Customer Service Training
- Leadership Training for Executives and Managers
- Poise with a Purpose/Image Consulting

- Interview Skills Training

- Emotional Intelligence Training

Headquarters: Hawaii

I believe

"Your are as great as you give yourself permission to be."

-Astania Caputo


Ms. Astania was the most amazing and most knowledgeable person I've ever known. Her teachings and lessons were very effective and I know I'll never forget what she taught me and how amazing of a person she is. She never lets anyone feel that they're missing out and very good at interacting with the students.

— Hi'ilani PachecoJunior King Kamehameha High School 

Business Etiquette
6 hr
Business Etiquette with Dining
8 hr
Doing business in Hawaii proves to have many different challenges in communication than the other United States; however, there is a common thread between the states and ...
Cultural Complexities
8 hr
Emotional Intelligence
4 hr
Interview Skills-Prep Schools
4 hr
Poise with a Purpose-Image
4 hr
Public Speaking
4 hr


Headquarters: Hawaii

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