Astania Caputo

CEO of Manners in Momentum

Astania has nearly 20 years of International Protocol and Business Etiquette training for adults, 5 years offering modern, fun, and relevant etiquette training for children, teens and young adults. One-on-one coaching, one day seminars, and specialty programs are designed to teach children through adults the proper way to participate in and contribute to their communities.

Certifications in:

- Business Etiquette

- International Protocol (studies on USA mainland, Hawaiian and Japanese Culture)

- Communications and Adult Life Skills

- Children, Teen, and Adult Etiquette

Manners in Momentum offers: 
- Etiquette for Children, Pre-Teens, Teens & Adults
- Communications & Public Speaking Skills
- Business Etiquette & Customer Service Training
- Leadership Training for Executives and Managers
- Poise with a Purpose/Image Consulting

- Interview Skills Training for Prep-Schools and Pageantry

- Emotional Intelligence Training

Headquarters: Hawaii

Skype Nationally

I believe


"I follow the Righteous path, go easy on myself,

and honor others by sharing all good fortune that I have."

-Astania Caputo

In Business... 

"I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one."

-Calamity Jane


"Participating in Astania Caputo's leadership training has brought new light to my personality in a short time span of three months. I have learned much about myself, even things that I was not comfortable learning. I am from the old school and was taught to always find fault and thus put forth a negative approach into correcting problems. I am beginning to look for what is right and how to turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity. I have learned how to assess a situation and how to respond in a more collaborative style. Her Manners In Momentum provides a definite value and I would recommend this to all leaders who are trying to change their culture within their organization.

— Kyle S. Kawano, VP & GM Suisan Company Limited 

Whether presenting a seminar to your company with focus on new hires to executive ranks or coaching one on one, the following is the curriculum that can be customized to ...
Business Etiquette
6 hr
Whether presenting a seminar to your company with focus on new hires to executive ranks or coaching one on one, the following is the curriculum that can be customized to ...
Business Etiquette with Dining
8 hr
15-1 hour sessions, additional hours $100/hour This 1:1 coaching is recommended to truly create and support long-term culture change. The purpose of this coaching is to s...
1:1 Coaching for Leadership
15 hr
Doing business in Hawaii proves to have many different challenges in communication than the other United States; however, there is a common thread between the states and ...
Cultural Complexities
4 hr
Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of a person's performance. This course will assist on developing stronger sense of self and others. These skills are critica...
Emotional Intelligence
6 hr
Interview preparation/professionalism, Wardrobe selection, Hair & Makeup, On-stage introduction, speech writing and public speaking, Modeling prep, Talent prep for vocali...
Skills-Schools and Pageantry
4 hr
Polish your skills to compete for a title or prepare for the entrance interview to a school of your choice. Interview Preparation/Professionalism, Wardrobe Selection/Hair...
Poise with a Purpose-Image
4 hr
Introduction and communication basics, The art of small talk, Giving and receiving feedback, Apologies, Negotiating, Making and declining requests, Written communication ...
Public Speaking
4 hr
Includes all proper etiquette curriculum, plus lack of affect, establishing boundaries, proprietary (and sharing), teen parties, skillful conversations, cyber civility an...
1:1 Pre-teen to Teen Etiquette
5 hr


Headquarters: Hawaii

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